While brewpubs, distilleries and vineyards can remain open, Gov. Whitmer ordered bars or establishments that earn more than 70% of their sales from alcohol to shut down indoor bars. So this affects traditional bars, night clubs and strip clubs.

So why takes steps backwards after opening Michigan back up? It turns out that, according to this new chart from the Texas Medical Association, "going to a bar" is a nine on a scale of one to ten of the riskiest things to do during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Courtesy of the Texas Medical Association

"Opening your mail" was deemed only a one risk, followed by "getting take out", "pumping gas", "playing Tennis" and going "camping".

Risky business also scoring a nine was "attending a large concert" (though there's no chance of that right now), "attending religious service with 500+ in attendance" and "going to a sports stadium" close risk of eight "buffet", "working out at gym", "amusement park", "playing football or basketball", and remember this one when you think it's impolite to bump elbows - "shaking someone's hand or hugging" when greeting someone. Is that worth your life?

Good to see some other activities with low risk of three like "playing golf", "going for a walk or bike ride" and "grocery shopping".

BT/Townsquare Media Going outside and Playing Golf low risk of 3

It will be interesting to see that happens this fall: "sending kids to school" had a six risk factor as did "working in an office building"

I personally was surprised to see that getting "your haircut" or "attending a funeral" were so high on the list with a risk factor of six, both of which I had done in the last week.

Screenshot this list. So you know your risk on a scale of one to ten.

BT/Townsquare Media  Little More Risky going to the Beach rated 5 on their 10 scale
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